Solutions for Hotels & Guesthouses

Miele Professional system concept for hotels and guesthouses.
13 April 2022 by
Solutions for Hotels & Guesthouses
Joshue Menezes .

Guests in hotels and restaurants not only expect perfect service, but also hygienically cleaned and well-kept laundry for maximum comfort. Miele Professional has developed the system solution for hotels and restaurants based on many years of experience. Thanks to his approach, 70% of all hotels with an in-house laundry are more satisfied now than they were in the past. They benefit from dispending with goods receipt and quality controls,  have a direct overview of the quality of their laundry and the wash process and are also independent of third parties.

The Miele Solution

In House Laundry

Reprocessing laundry that builds up through daily use has a host of doubted benefits and virtually no drawbacks.

Well-kept laundry os an indicator of a high-quality hotel. Every hotel guest expects to find fluffy hand towels and bath towels, hygienic bed linen and sparkling table linen Miele Professional Laundry machines are the perfect solutions for an in-house laundry. 

Wellness & spa

From bathrobes to sauna towels: bath towels always need to be soft and smell good. 

When people visit wellness facilities, they want to relax and switch off from their everyday lives. With fresh-smelling, soft and well-kept bathrobes and hand towels, guests will feel thoroughly comfortable. To clean away any contamination from the laundry, Miele Professional offers custom solutions for your establishment. 

Contract Cleaning

What demands does modern contract cleaning place in quantity output and flexibility when cleaning mops, cloths and other textiles?